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airVent Display

BMW E46 M3

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The airVent Display system for the BMW E46 M3, is a system for presenting information from the E46 CAN bus on a touch screen embedded in the E46 M3 air vent console. The information is presented in various pages combining numbers, colorized bars and graphs. The main idea with the pages is that the information should be easy to read when at the race track. The switching between the different screen pages in the airVent Display is not only easily done by touching the screen, but the switching can also be controlled by using the BMW E46 M3 multifunction steering wheel cruise control buttons.

By adding custom modules prepared for CAN bus data streaming, the possibility to have presentation of data beyond the standard E46 CAN bus data is enabled. Modules for measuring oil pressure, brake pressures, gear box oil temperature, rear differential temperature and brake disc temperatures can easily be added and integrated with the airVent Display system.

A solution for utilizing the latest in IOT cloud technology when it comes to data logging is also available. All the CAN data can be streamed to the cloud for analytics via 4G.  


CAN Emulator

E46 M3 MK60

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The MK60 ABS unit from the E46 M3 is a popular unit used in many custom built cars. Also the S54 engine is a very popular engine swap. Those either running Standalone MK60 or MK60 and S54 without the stock instrument cluster (IKE) and/or the stock engine control unit (MSS54 ECU), faces the fact that the MK60 no longer streams its data to the CAN bus. For an MK60 to function in a BMW E46 environment, there are several conditions that must be met. The MK60 needs information...


Bluetooth LE

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E46 M3

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With the introduction of the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and later the Bluetooth 5 specification, the Bluetooth technology has emerged as an interesting technology to be used within trackday racing. The solution for streaming CAN data to Harry's Lap Timer, proved to be so promising that it was decided to test the concept further by streaming of Brake Disc Temperature measurements over BLE.

The BLE solutions on this site are custom built around the high performing Rigado BMD-series for the Nordic nRF52 SoCs and the Nordic SoftDevice software stack. Hence, all solutions are not only Bluetooth 4.x compliant, but automatically Bluetooth 5 compliant, with all the advantages it implies over the old Bluetooth 4.x.






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airVent Display solutions

Discover the amazing amount of information available on the E46 CAN bus, made easily available via a touch screen embedded in the E46 air vent console.



MK60 emulator solutions

Enable the MK60 CAN bus data stream in a non-standard E46 configuration, made available by a dedicated custom made MK60 emulator.